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Personal Development Coaching

The best investment you can ever do, is investing in yourself

Personal development coaching is a personalized accompaniment to improve self-knowledge, appreciation of his or her own talent and thus improve the life quality. It demands the coach to apply a strict and clear ethical framework and to have professional competency and human skills.


I offer you:

  • a relaxing space to release your appeals

  • an accompaniment adjusted to your needs of the moment

  • a humanist and person-centered approach

which bring you awareness, allow you to acquire positive beliefs and new reflexes, and help your to find your own path towards a better and happier life.

How does that work?


I contact my coach

I evaluate my needs with my coach during a first interview. We also discuss practical topics such as the number of sessions, the frequency, the location of interviews and the price.



I decide to continue

We formalize what have been addressed during the preliminary interview, and plan together our future appointments.



During the coaching

I work on my project with my coach during 4~12 interviews in 2 to 8 months, in a confident and confidential setting. I do my "self-practices" among sessions when they are necessary.



I achieve my goals

Or I am well on track to reach it

During a concluding session, my coach delivers to me a report of our work and wishes me all the best in the future.

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