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Born and grown up in China, I came to France in 2008 to finish my studies.

Speaking fluently English, French and Chinese, I started my career in consulting within big  international companies before becoming aware of true values and my natural vocation of listening and helping others. That is why I decided to undertake a professional retraining in 2019 in order to become professional coach to assist people in looking for the fulfillment of their personal and professional life.

An intensive personal development work and numbers of travels in Southern Asia, Africa and Latin America helped me to take a step back on my life and to fully accept my singularity and my values. In the meanwhile, I have met very different cultures and learned to communicate in Spanish and Portuguese. Today, I can very proudly qualify myself as a  world citizen.

Always curious to learn, I continue to train myself and to participate in different workshops, especially in psychology and spirituality, to enrich my knowledge and my person so that I could offer better services to people how trust in me. I am convinced that with the same level of techniques, a better coach is above all distinguished by his or her inner wealth and human qualities.

Artist in my spare time (dancing, singing, drawing, piano, video montage) and friend of animals, my values are respect, authenticity, kindness, and joie de vivre. I hope to contribute in my way to a more ecological and inclusive world.

Looking forward to meeting you soon ! > contact me



Coach Professionnelle Certifiée

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Certified professional coach*

Other professional training :

Bachelor's degree in Psychology

Career Coach

Neurosciences for accompaniment

Mindfulness Facilitator

In another life :

2 Masters Technology - Paris 6 & Paris 11

* Linkup coaching, French certification level RNCP 7, equivalent Master


Being convinced that each person is unique, I don't use questionnaire or traditional toolbox for the coaching.

I adapt myself to each client with empathy and active listening, use the art of questioning and suggest exercises based on methods known worldwide :

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

Transactional Analysis

Non-Violent Communication

Appreciative Inquiry

Systemic approaches



Image de Matt Walsh

What is coaching? What is the profession of coach ? The title not being protected in France, we can find very different in the common usage. It seems important to me to share my vision of this topic in order to give a better idea to people who are contacting to me.


A coach is not :

❌ an advisor / mentor / instructor who has a mission of transmission, even though a coach could exercise these professions in parallel;

❌ a therapist / counselor who does a much more profound work during a much longer time frame, even though they have the same aim to help the person to have a better life;

❌ a charming salesman of dream, even though the word has unfortunately been stained with some of the negative colors.


A coach is not an expert in the domain of your question, and this makes him/her even more efficient in helping you to find your own solutions.

✔ Coaching is a personalized and accompanied process towards positive change and action, through the awareness of your patterns and the activation of your resources.

✔ A coach, like everyone in the supporting profession, is above all a passionate of life and humanity. To help others to reveal their potential, he/she should have already done a work on him/herself in order to stay humble and welcome his/her clients with respect, kindness and as much neutrality as possible (as we cannot be 100% neutral when we are kind...).

✔ Coaching is a serious work which needs the commitment of both parties. Before jumping into the adventure, check the qualifications of the coaches and meet 2 or 3 of them if possible, so that you can choose the best person that will accompany you during the following months!


After created my own website, I have been asked by a few entrepreneurs to help them in their visual communication, such as logo, website, business card, flyer, ... I help them to clarify their marketing position, their strategy definition, and offer a complete combining coaching, coaching, consulting and creative realization.

Please feel free to contact if you have a such project, I would be happy to diversify my activities and contribute if my planning allows. > click here to know more

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