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Bilan de compétences

The bilan de compétences is a French regulatory system aiming at evaluating the beneficiary's personal and professional skillscapacities and motivations, in order to define a realistic and achievable professional project.

It could start from a questioning about your current position, a desire to evolve professionally, an idea to explore... contact me and let us see together how I can help you.



Come and meet me to:

  • Express your needs and expectations

  • Know the process

  • Ask all your questions


Check your talents / inspirations:

  • Take a step back from your career

  • Know yourself better

  • Explore potential ideas


What will you do next :

  • Define an action plan

  • Identify alternative plans

  • Finalize the summary document 


Touch base 6~12 Months later :

  • Assess the actions taken

  • Adjustment and complementary information


What I offer additionally

Rather than a guided work to "summarize" your career, I use coaching techniques to help you to become genuinely autonomous in your introspection and owner of your professional project.

With the coaching tools, we will be able to rely on the events that occur during the process and use them as material to work on your  soft skills : self-confidence, communication skills...

The accompaniment spanning several month, I accompany you from the initial idea to the co-constructed project, taking into account all the hazards and doubts that are inevitably part of the process.

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