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Services for independent workers and small enterprises

Start-up and Digital Strategy

Suitable for uncomplicated needs*

Before exploring my professional coach career, I have 8 years work experiences as a senior IT consultant in many multinational companies which helped me to build strong competences in business consulting. 

Besides, I also acquired skills and qualifications in marketing and UI/UX design during my free time. In this regard, I propose consulting service to accompany you during the start-up of your activity, in developing the development strategy, creating the visual identity and the digital communication. **


* Quotation after a preliminary study of your needs

** Please note that this service is not pure coaching, it is actually a mix of coaching and consulting.

Strategy of Development

Clarify your position in the market, identify your target clients, Find your communication strategy.

Visual Identity

Define your visual identity according to your preference of colors and patterns.

Create your logo and the matching business card.

Website Creation

Setup a showcase website according to your needs, in accordance with your visual identity.

What you will get...

Experience and expertise in analyzing, consulting, and enterprise strategies to help you to clarify your development plan.

A global turnkey solution with only one sole interlocutor consultant / designer

Reliable and traceable documentation of the summary of your requirements, an administrator's guide of your future website can be provided if necessary.

Build unique style with small budget, create the trust between you and your precious customer.

Best practices to avoid beginner's mistakes.

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